My aim is to inspire and empower.

Create and Innovate.

Connect and Awaken.

I believe every woman is unique and beautiful.
I believe that by connecting with nature we tap into Source.
By reclaiming our womb wisdom we set everyone in our lineage free, unlocking the greatest power in the Universe.
When women awaken and embody this awakening they create a ripple effect that transforms everything.

This HolyMama is called Claudia.

Like many of us today she's a merger of cultures and languages. She loves to break down barriers and blast away programmed patterns and conditioning. By origin she's a Yorkshire Swiss with an Asian affinity and a Latin heart. She adores nature, yoga and travel. 

After spending a good decade working in radio and TV – including a stint as London correspondent for Swiss National TV – Claudia was booted out of her dazzling career in the corporate world. She transformed her life to find her own truth and offer a higher level of service, which she has found with HolyMama. She's been self-employed for the past fifteen years, as an independent author and international journalist, yoga retreat founder and integrative health coach. HolyMama is her seventh baby (after three kids, two books and one yoga centre in Goa). 

Claudia started her family at 40 and researched later motherhood – Right Time Baby – The Complete Guide to Later Motherhood (Hay House, 2011). She feels passionate about shunning preconceptions concerning age and also coaches other mamas on health, wellness, fertility and life choices. 


I believe today’s biggest challenges are restoring the balance of masculine and feminine energies on the planet. We need to reclaim our wisdom as custodians of Mother Earth and nurture her back to health for our children.