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Other benefits you will gain from attending this training:

- Facilitate workshops and group meetings

- Learn how to open and close sacred space

- Understand what is needed to make women who are new to Circle feel comfortable and empowered

- Tap into your own Intuition via simple, practical techniques

- Understand how to use Feminine Archetypes to hold space for emotional shares and breakdowns

 - Step into your own Sovereign Leadership

- Activate your Highest Potential and Soul's Purpose

- Release all contracts of learning through suffering

- Connect with your innate, fertile creativity and womb power 

- Learn how to create magical ritual and ceremony

- Non-violent Communication, Talking Stick, Guided Visualisations, Shamanic Journeying, Songs, Mantras, Ritual Tool-kit, Exercises to use in Circle etc.

This Alchemical Vessel of Transformation will lead to Expansion in your Business and Life

When & Where

Saturday 30th June 17.00 - 21.00 &

Sunday 1st July 12.00 - 18.00 


Light Space Yoga | Haggerston | London

Studio B, 100 De Beauvoir Road, London, N1 4EN

Bus Number 76 Englefield Road Mortimer Road (Stop A)

Bus Number 67, 149, 242, 243 Middleton Road De Beauvoir Town (Stop KF)

Train Haggerston Station a 5 minute walk


Claudia Spahr is the founder of HolyMama, hosting retreats for mums and their children in Spain, Bali and Morocco. She has supported thousands of people transform their lives over the last decade with her retreats and mentoring. She is passionate about empowering change-makers and leaders of the new paradigm. Claudia innovates, lives courageously and inspires others to activate their purpose. She believes that collaboration, rather than competition, will shift our systems to more sustainable ones. Claudia is a mother to three amazing children, whom she conceived naturally in her forties.